Orange Audio (OLD Joker) for life

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Orange audios (OLD Joker)

It is characterized by high sound quality, stability, and less time lag
It works on all receivers that support adding audio, such as devices that carry (Forever-Gesher-Funkam server, Enigma 2 system receivers, and Android via the VLC application)
Computers, money transfers, etc
After payment, you will receive the audio link directly after payment via WhatsApp
You must copy the link into the browser, download it as a file, and open it using Notepad, a memo, or any other application, in order for all audio links to appear and be added.
How to add audio to Forever or Fancam receivers..
Register on the Metamango website

Explanation of registration

Explanation of the addition

There are many explanations on YouTube for how to record and add audio, and these are some of them.
Steps in brief:
1-Put the link you received in your browser and download it.
2- Open the downloaded file using file reading programs such as Notepad or a text editor, whether on a mobile phone or computer.
3- Links to all the audios will appear. Copy each audio link individually and place it in the site’s second box with the name of the audio in the first box.
Available audios:
Orange Serie A
Orange AD Prem 1
Orange AD Prime 2
Orange LIVE
Orange Audio 1
Orange Audio 2
Orange Audio 3
Orange Audio 4
Orange Audio 5
Orange Audio 6
Orange Audio 7
Orange Audio 8
Orange Audio 9
Orange Xtra 1
Orange Xtra 2
Orange Xtra 3
Orange Afc
Orange SSC

There is no return or exchange for the activated subscription due to the nature of the product

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