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Enjoy Shark Subscription, which offers you the best IPTV experience. Immerse yourself in the world of high-quality entertainment, where you can enjoy watching a variety of channels, movies, and series from different packages and countries, without interruption or delay.

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity, as you can now subscribe to the Shark subscription service for a full year, with a special addition that allows you to enjoy an additional three months for free! Take advantage of this limited offer and give yourself an unforgettable opportunity to enjoy watching your favorite content without limits. Subscribe now and immerse yourself in the world of entertainment at the highest level!

Shark subscription features

More than 10,000 TV channels: covering all Arab and foreign packages, including:

beIN Sports
Shahid VIP – Shahid channel package
And many more
A huge library of films and series: It includes the latest Arabic and foreign films and series, in addition to exclusive and seasonal series.
Watch on all devices: including computers, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.
Real technical support: Helps you solve any problem or inquiry.

Get now a Shark Pro subscription for one year and 3 months for free and enjoy a complete IPTV experience.

Shark subscription packages

Enjoy an integrated and exciting experience with Shark Pro subscription packages for a full year, with a value addition that allows you to enjoy an additional three months for free. This service includes various and comprehensive packages of the most important channels and entertainment content, making it the perfect choice to meet your entertainment needs.

Shark channels

BeIN Sports (G) BeIN Sports
BeIN Entertainment
Al Majd Al Glory
VIP Channels Categories
Film Arabic
MBC Group
News News
Rotana Rotana
Music songs

Regional and international coverage

Enjoy a unique viewing experience with the availability of channels from various countries and regions, including:

KSA Saudi Arabia
Kuwait Kuwait
Qatar Qatar
Oman Oman
Bahrain Bahrain
Yemen Yemen
Al Iraq Iraq
Egypt Egypt
Christian Christianity
Sudan Sudan
Syria Syria
Lebanon Lebanon
Jordan Jordan
Palestine Palestine
Morocco Morocco
Tunisia Tunisia
Algeria Algeria
Libya Libya
Kurdistan Kurdistan
Turkey Turkey
Iran Iran
SKY UK+ IT Sky channels
And many other countries.

A diverse library of films and series

Enjoy a wide variety of movies and series through our channels, including:

English Movies (4K)
NEW 2021 (Latest Movies) FHD
Family FHD
Science Fiction FHD
Horror (Horror) FHD
Thriller (Thriller) FHD
Drama FHD
Comedy FHD
Romance FHD
And many other categories.
Get a Shark subscription package now and immerse yourself in the world of entertainment without limits!

Devices supporting Shark

Apple TV: Seamlessly integrate with Apple TV for an exceptional big-screen TV experience.
Apple Devices: Enjoy Share IPTV on your Apple devices, like iPhone and iPad, for an interactive and portable experience.
Android TV: Connect your Android TV device for easy and instant access to Share IPTV content on your TV screen.
Xiaomi Devices: Immerse yourself in Share IPTV content via Xiaomi devices, as seamless compatibility and high quality give you a great entertainment experience.
Laptops: Shark IPTV offers excellent compatibility with portable laptops, allowing you to watch content on the go.

Important disclaimer and disclaimer

We are not owners of servers, but only distributors, and we try to provide the maximum possible support. We also have no guarantee for any iptv service, and we are not responsible for the content, as well as adding and canceling channels, because we do not own servers. Rather, we are distributors only, and there is no refund of cash amounts after subscribing. Also, we do not have porn channels in All our servers. Knowing that we follow up and support subscribers if they have technical problems

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