OnlineTV & ZinaTV for 6 months subscription


ISTAR 6 months (Full Package) Renew Code (6 months onlineTV)

Online TV subscription for 6 months (the same as Zeina TV subscription)

Devices the code works on:

istar A9
istar A9 Plus
istar A99 Plus
istar A210
istar A220 Plus
istar A320
istar A880 Plus
istar A890 Plus
istar A900D
istar A950
istar A960 Plus
istar A970 Plus
istar A980 Plus
istar A990 Plus
istar A1300
istar A1400
istar A1400 Gold
istar A1500
istar A1600
istar A1600 Plus
istar A1700
istar A1700_JRD
istar A1700 Plus
istar A1800 Plus
istar A1880
istar A1900
istar A2000
istar A2220
istar A2300
istar A2400
istar A2400M
istar A70000
istar A8000 Plus
istar A8500 Plus
istar A8500 Pro
istar A8700 Plus
istar A8900
istar A8900 Gold
istar A9000 Plus
istar A9500 Plus
istar A9500 Pro
istar A9500 Prime
istar A9550
istar A9700 Plus
istar A9700 Pro
istar A9700 Prime
istar A9900 Prime
istar A9950
istar A9900 Gold
istar A65000 Plus
istar A65000 Gold
istar D1 PDF
istar D500
istar D600
istar E950
istar E1000
istar MD50
istar korea X1500 Mega (Not istar korea X1500 / Not istar korea X1500)
istar korea x4000 mega
istar korea x20000 mega
istar korea x25000 mega
istar korea x35000 mega
istar korea X60000 Mega (Not istar korea X60000 / Not istar korea X60000)
istar korea X70000 Mega (Not istar korea A7000 / Not istar korea A7000)
istar korea x75000 mega
istar korea a7500 mega
Zeed 2 Out
Zeed 222 Ott
Zeed 3 Out
Zeed 333 Ott
Zeed 4 Out
Zeed 444 Ott
Zeed 5 out
Zeed 555 Ott
istar Z5
istar Z555
istar Z6
istar Z666
istar X1
istar X3
istar X10
istar S100
istar S2030
istar S1 V1
istar S1 V2
istar S5
istar S7
istar S9
istar S10 V1
istar S10 V2
istar S11
istar S20
istar Q1 OTT
Zina TV
iStar Android (All devices with OnlineTV App or Zina TV App)

Any device that contains the Online TV application is not included in the list

It works on the Zeina TV application

After purchasing the code, you will receive it directly on WhatsApp

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