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DLTA 4K subscription

Follow all your favorite tournaments, in addition to updated, high-definition content suitable for all family members. The Dlta subscription allows you to watch a wide range of channels without any delay or interruption in broadcasting. Do not miss the opportunity and get your subscription now for the Hulk Sunnah subscription.

Advantages of the German Delta subscription

Delta’s subscription features multiple streaming sources for sports content.
Delta subscription includes 6645 UHD channels.
Delta subscription contains 15,543 movies in high quality, updated daily.
The Delta 5698 server provides a serial with daily updates.
Delta subscription gives subscribers the ability to request any movie or series that is not available on the server
The German Delta subscription allows you to watch a wide and amazing range of Gulf, documentary and news channels from around the world.
Continuous technical support for subscribers
Films on the Delta server are divided according to the film classification: horror, thriller, comedy..
Delta’s subscription provides several sources of sports channels to avoid broadcast problems and stabilize the service during times of pressure.
The Delta server contains Turkish series, anime series, and a variety of foreign series.

DLTA 4K subscription channels

The Delta server offers a diverse selection that includes the most famous international and local channels. You can also watch your local, European and international championships without any interruption, with the lowest delay rate among all IPTV subscriptions. Take the opportunity to watch all of this under one roof through the German Strong subscription.

Delta Server movies and series

If you are looking for a high-quality movie and series subscription without any annoying signs, you are in the right place. We provide you on the Hulk server with compelling content that includes the most famous works of high-quality movies or series, without annoying logos, all in one subscription. Watch everything you love in a subscription. Hulk now.

DLTA 4K server applications

You can use Strong’s subscription across all your smart devices, whether you own Xiaomi, Sony, Huawei, Google, a smart screen, a computer, a console, an Apple device, all the mentioned devices and other devices that it works on with high efficiency.

Important notice and disclaimer

We are not owners of servers, but only distributors, and we try to provide the maximum possible support. We also have no guarantee for any iptv service, and we are not responsible for the content, as well as adding and canceling channels, because we do not own servers. Rather, we are distributors only, and there is no refund of cash amounts after subscribing. Also, we do not have porn channels in All our servers. Knowing that we follow up and support subscribers if they have technical problems

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